The Notebook

by Agata Kristof

For example, it is forbidden to write, “Grandmother is like a witch”, but we are allowed to write “people call Grandmother the witch.”
We would write, “we eat a lot of walnuts,” and not “we love walnuts..” because the word “love” is not a reliable word, it lacks of precision and objectivity. (p.29)



2 thoughts on “The Notebook

    1. Ana Post author

      역쉬~ 언어적 순발력이 ~~ ^^b
      이 책 나중에 한번 심심하실 때 보셔도 좋을 듯요. 막장같은 얘기들도 불쑥불쑥 나오지만 뭔가 인간의 선과 악이 기묘하고 아름답게 묘사되어 있고요.. 문체도 제 마음에 딱 들고 참 좋았어요. 2부랑 3부도 읽어보고 싶어요.


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